About Me

Feel grounded. Feel confident. Feel empowered. 


It’s time to reconnect to you.

I’m Rachel, a purpose-driven empath on a mission to support individual wellbeing and help you lead a life you love.

My Journey

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a passionate and ambitious people-person, with a deep-rooted desire to do something truly meaningful with my life.

I started yoga classes in my final year of university as a way to support the other physical activities I was doing and reduce the anxiety that comes with final exams (and being a high-achiever!) I got hooked, not because it helped me become more flexible and increase my upper body strength, but because of the positive impact yoga had on my mind and overall wellbeing.

I knew early on I wanted to train to be a yoga teacher to create for others the feeling that my teachers had gifted to me: compassion and connection. In 2019, I took my Level I teacher training on Lembongan island, Bali. Around the same time I finished a year-long journey with a coach after struggling with my mindset when running. By chance, I was also introduced to coach training through my work. The timing aligned perfectly.

All the work I had done on myself and my wellbeing through yoga, coaching and meditation was interconnected: all of these practices developed self-awareness, self-development, presence and compassion. For me, this combination was transformational. It helped me reconnect to who I am, and it made me realise my potential.

In his parodoxical theory of change, Beisser says that change occurs when we become what we are: we have to know who we are, before we can become.

That was my intention when setting up Rachel Thomason Wellbeing: to help reconnect individuals with who they are, so they can be they best they can be.

I live in Cambridge with my partner, Simon, and my little cat, Maisy, who sometimes joins our yoga classes. I enjoy horse riding, long walks and reading.


Level II – 300hr yoga teacher training, My Vinyasa Practice (ONGOING)

CPD Positive Psychology Coaching, Association for Coaching

Cambridge Advanced Executive Coaching Programme, Møller Institute at Churchill College, University of Cambridge

Mindfulness Diploma, Centre for Excellence

Life Coaching, Institute for Continuing Education, University of Cambridge

Level I – 200hr yoga teacher training, Santosha Yoga Institute

First Class BA Hons English Literature, University of Surrey