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Ask me…

Why do you teach yoga and do coaching?

A great question. I had a coach for a year or so before completing my yoga teacher training in 2019. Working with her changed my life. My teacher training very much built on these learnings, and when I returned I started a new job in which I was responsible for coach training programmes in my organisation. I quickly realised there were lots of similarities between the two practices, and I had experienced first-hand the power of both in my own life. Read more about my journey on the About page.

What should I bring?

For in-person and virtual yoga sessions, please make sure you have a yoga mat and comfortable clothing to practice in. For coaching sessions, you just need yourself. Some people sometimes like to bring a pen and notebook too.

What is your style of yoga?

I have been trained in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative yoga. However, each of my classes is different and I always plan my classes around what my students need, rather than sticking to one specific style. My style of teaching is fun – I bring energy and laughter to my sessions that allows people to relax and smile with themselves so we reduce judgement and increase self-compassion. When appropriate, I also have a very grounding style, particularly in meditations, when I might focus on gratitude, purpose and presence.

Are your services are right for me?

Whatever you are looking for, it is so important you feel safe and comfortable and that you can enjoy yourself! Whether you are searching for yoga classes or want to start your coaching journey, my priority at the beginning is to ensure that you make the decision that is right for you. I offer no-obligation chats on the phone for those considering working with me so we can get to know each other and I can answer any questions. Feel free to contact me to arrange a call here.

What are your credentials?

It is so important to me that I stay informed and continue my own development whilst helping others. I am committed to my ongoing learning to support others and you can find all of my training and qualifications on the About page.

What is your coaching style/approach?

I have completed several trainings that have allowed me to learn and experience different coaching models and theories. I would say I am informed by Positive Psychology Coaching, a values and strengths-based approach which really focuses on confidence and what is getting in your way. Overall, I work with what emerges – what that means is that I provide a space where I am fully present with you, and I will draw upon what feels right to be in the moment that will be in best service of you. See more on my coaching here.