Read about the experiences of some of the people I’ve worked with, including coaching, wellbeing and yoga services.

I feel that it is so important that you get a sense of what it’s like to work with me so that you can make the right choices for you. You are also welcome to book a call with me to talk about what you are looking for.


“Rachel provided a supportive structure which ultimately guided me to find my own solutions. I really enjoyed the collaborative coaching process, and would highly recommend coaching with Rachel.”

Olivia Kerrigan – Cambridge

“Rachel was an excellent coach who I felt very comfortable discussing my thoughts with throughout the sessions. I never felt any judgement and she listened and asked thought-provoking questions which allowed me to create a clearer path of how to achieve my goals.”

Emily Rossiter – Portsmouth

“Rachel is a highly professional coach. She managed to create a very safe and trusting environment which especially worked wonders for my personal circumstances. Her coaching enabled me to question myself, to stretch my comfort zone and to explore my deep inner workings and desires. Ultimately, the coaching helped and enabled me to launch a new business next to my work engagement.”

Sebastian Sigloch – Switzerland


Testimonials from people I’ve had the pleasure of teaching during my regular classes, online and in-person, programmes and corporate sessions.
“Rachel provides a unique mixture of stretches, challenging poses, and mindfulness in a safe and reassuring space, and she is always cheerful!

No one class is the same as Rachel mixes up the yoga poses, stretches, and relaxation to keep it fresh. This is the best exercise class I have ever been to.”

Dr Samantha Williams


“Even though classes are online, I was amazed at how Rachel is able to teach like we are in the room and guide us so easily through her clear verbal instructions and demonstrations. It feels no different to being in a real class but with the added convenience of doing it all from your living room.”
Hannah Craig


“Rachel is an incredibly professional yet fun teacher who immediately made me feel at ease as l embarked upon my first ever yoga class. Rachel takes the time to get to know you as an individual and works with you to modify moves to suit your level and help reach your goals. As someone who is used to eyeball out workouts in the gym, I am loving spending 1 hour a week focusing on my mind and body yet still feeling worked out.”
Caroline Roger


“Rachel’s introductory programme is a must for anyone interested in giving yoga a go. The programme is very well planned and delivered and incorporates key aspects relating to both mind and body. Rachel’s teaching style is clear and very encouraging. Her enthusiasm is infectious and this makes the classes very enjoyable. You will feel proud of how far you have come in a few short weeks!”
Katherine Raithby


“While on business travel I took a morning yoga session at Corporate-Yoga. The instructor was inviting and charming. She expertly guided the class through various yoga exercises. I felt calm, relaxed, with an increased level of focus all morning long. I would certainly recommend taking classes before, during or after work.”
John Curley

Senior Manager, Washington DC

“I would highly recommend the beginners course. I have tried a few yoga classes before, but I’ve never been to a class where the poses and transitions were explained so well. I wasn’t sure what to expect from an online course, but it worked really well! Rachel is lovely, providing constructive feedback in a supportive and encouraging environment.”
Sian Bailey

St Albans

“After over a year, my wife and I are still religiously doing 3 yoga sessions a week with Rachel and I can honestly say it has changed my life. I know it is the key contributor to my willpower now, it provides Julia and I with a wonderful opportunity to do regular activity together and it is a really enjoyable and rewarding focus for our week.”
Jeremy & Julia Keeley


“Rachel is a true professional. We recently ran a number of online activities where students had to work round the clock on a 24-hour challenge. In order for them to have time out for themselves we engaged Rachel to run some online well-being classes. It was difficult to know what students would prefer, however, Rachel’s classes on Mindfulness certainly fitted the bill. These sessions (some recorded) were very much appreciated by all those attending. Rachel brought a sense of calm to otherwise very stressful situations. Her professionalism and coping with ‘not always’ perfect connections was second to none. I cannot praise Rachel high enough. We will certainly be inviting her to other student events, hopefully some of these might be in person, after Covid!”

Marcia Baldry-Bryan – Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Manager, Anglia Ruskin University

“Our aim at the Active Lifestyles team is to support Cambridge residents to access physical activity opportunities and activities to support improved wellbeing. We have had the pleasure of working with Rachel on several targeted programmes (specifically for women and girls and mental health service users) over the last year. Due to the pandemic, all delivery has been virtual and Rachel has delivered top quality instruction of yoga, meditation and mindfulness whilst making attendees feel at ease and supported, far from an easy task in a virtual setting! We look forward to working with Rachel again (both online and in-person) in the future!”

Danielle Guy – Senior Active Lifestyle Officer, Cambridge City Council