A yoga approach that helps you reconnect to who you are.

Yoga is more than doing poses on your mat. It’s about union of mind, breath and body. It’s about quietening thoughts. Yoga is about living more consciously, compassionately and non-judgmentally towards yourself and others. Practising yoga is a way for you to reconnect and increase relaxation for your mind, whilst building strength and flexibility for your body.

Group classes

Classes that put fun, community and relaxation at the heart of your yoga practice. Practice with like-minded people and explore what your body is capable of, enjoying the all benefits yoga brings.

Join a group class now.

Private sessions

I’m currently fully booked for 1:1 sessions but please contact me below if you’re interested and I can put you on my waisting list.

Whatever your goals, 1:1 lessons are a great way to improve your practice at a pace that works for you to gain greater body awareness and ensure you are practising safely. My approach is to work with you to evolve your practice beyond our sessions.

Seasonal workshops and courses

Unique experiences designed to bring compassion, community and connection to your yoga practice. These are in-person yoga workshops and courses held in Cambridgeshire, created with one mission: helping you to reconnect. To body, to mind, to yourself. Whether it be an introductory course, or a deep-dive workshop, these experiences provide an invaluable space for you to focus on yourself. 

Your body, your mind, your practice – yoga allows you to show up as you are right now, wherever you are.

My yoga approach

This is your practice

In yoga, you start wherever you are.

As a teacher, my priority is to create a safe space for your practice. I always want you to feel comfortable on your mat so that you can show up as your full self. That doesn’t mean you won’t challenge yourself; instead, I aim to empower students to move in a way that suits you and your individual body. I always provide modifications so that you can take poses that work for your body and energy levels, and support you if you want to explore something new.


My ultimate aim is that you leave my sessions feeling physically, emotionally and mentally better than when you started, and feeling more like you. For me, this reconnection is what yoga is about.


Our sessions are fun. We laugh at ourselves. We try, we wobble, we giggle, we fall – and try again. We aren’t perfect and that is the beauty of us and our practice.