Five ways to improve your mindset

I’ve spoken to a lot of people recently who are simply feeling a little bit flat. January is always a tough month anyway, now add to it a global pandemic which reached a significant and tragic milestone recently and it’s no wonder people are finding things challenging. But there are things we can do to shift our mindset, and to switch to more positive thoughts and feelings. Read on for five ways that might help you do this, and I hope even just one of them helps to light you up a little bit more!

1. Think of 3 things you’re grateful for at the end of the day

There will always be something to be grateful for, even if it’s breathing. Moving our focus to things we’re thankful for always helps to lift your mood and your mindset will feel more open and grateful as a result because you’ll be indirectly creating a sense of satisfaction in your life.

2. Talk

Use your support system, particularly if you are living alone right now. Reach out to anyone you can- friends, family, colleagues, or there are even helplines now to allow you to talk to someone. Talking about how you’re feeling can help you lift a burden and you may will be sharing things that are familiar to the other person too. You’ll be very surprised at how many people might share a sense of struggle, especially at the moment!

3. Notice when negative thoughts creep in

This is less easy than you might think. Our thought patterns are usually deeply ingrained in us, and where negative thought patterns occur, they may well be automatic. But this exercise, like any, gets easier with practice. Noticing even just once when you have a negative thought will eventually lead to a deeper change in the way you speak to yourself. Start by noticing one thought and then question it – is that true? I wonder why I think that? Feel like a detective, figuring out your own mind! Then reframe the thought to something positive instead.

4. Change I ‘should’ to ‘I want to’

Have you ever realised how much you say the phrase ‘I should/shouldn’t do x, y, z…’? When I started to noticed this, I realised it was a lot. For example, ‘I should go for a run today’ / ‘I shouldn’t eat that’ / ‘Maybe I should start…’. These phrases often come from pressure/expectations we put on ourselves and very rarely result in actions coming from positive motivation. It’s amazing how much our attitudes can change towards something when we say ‘I want to’ do something or ‘I choose to’. Start replacing some thoughts with these phrases and see how it feels!

5. Start your morning right

Ever feel like you start your day on a bad footing? Get yourself in a positive mindset right from the moment you wake up by repeating a positive sentence, and meaning it. For example, it might be around something you’re grateful for again (I’m grateful for a lovely sleep and the breakfast I’m about to have) or you could frame it around your upcoming day (I’m excited for X that’s happening today / I’m looking forward to X today). Repeat the phrase you choose until you feel yourself get a bit lighter emotionally 🙂